Found my way back (after 7 years)!

Bonnie D.
on 10/29/13 4:49 am - Kettering, OH

Hey DSers! I finally found my way back to the forum! Hope there are some "old timers" like me still out there who can speak to this question:

Are you eating whole wheat or gluten free? I can't eat either...still the whole gas thing. It's getting to be a complete pain and you know where it's a complete pain, LOL!

Glad to be back on the site! Oh and I am now a healthy weight, 155!



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on 10/29/13 5:05 am

Hi, I'm not yet DS'd so I can't  personally comment on the Gluten but I have heard a lot of folks complain about intolerance on the OH DS Family facebook page and elswehere. I notice that you are 7 years out from DS surgery. Would you mind sharing with me the pros/cons and ups/downs or concerns with the DS?  Just trying to make a decision as to whether I should have the DS or sleeve. I get concerned about the unknown with the DS and the setup for vitamin deficiencies. Would love to hear your experience with the DS and if you have had any complications at all.

T Lady
on 10/29/13 6:14 am
I avoid both because they cause me to have a tummy ache, nausea and then eventually gas. I also notice that I retain water if I have any sort of carby food. My rings don't fit, my waistband gets tighter and I just get an overall feeling of ickiness. I feel so much better, clearer head and lighter body when I go as low carb as possible. So, you aren't alone!

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on 10/29/13 6:45 am - VA

Hi there, Bonnie!  I eat as gluten free as I can. Saves the marriage. : )


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on 10/29/13 3:04 pm


How are you and how is the singing going?

on 10/30/13 5:23 am - Sammamish, WA

I'm about 80% gluten-free. I do have it 1-2 times a week. My qualify of life is nicer without gluten. I'm 5 years out, if that matters! :)

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Nancy T.
on 10/31/13 12:05 am
DS on 07/16/13

I am only 3 months out, but wonder............. does gluten free taste different? 



Valerie G.
on 10/31/13 10:55 pm, edited 10/31/13 10:55 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA


I've learned that whole wheat bread adds extra gluten, so I stick with Italian bread when I enjoy it.  It's not giving me too much gas at all.  Pasta is my nemesis, but fresh isn't as terrible.  It's still trial and error, but being as far out as I am, I have found some tried and trues for my body.

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