I thought it was going to be smooth sailing.

on 11/1/13 11:45 am

I thought it was going to be smooth sailing then what happens?  The nurse comes in and says you need to have an emergency blood transfusion.  GO figure. 

on 11/1/13 12:39 pm
DS on 04/17/13

OUCH! Praying for you!


SW-340, CW-164, GW-150, 14 pounds to go...


on 11/1/13 1:37 pm

So sorry...Try to remain calm and breathe slowly as this will help your heart rate and all the other bodily processes as you get your transfusion. I will pray for you...

on 11/1/13 11:01 pm
Just reread you prior posts about being in a lot of pain as well. Let us know how you're doing. You'll be in my prayers today.
on 11/2/13 1:17 am - Massillon, OH
Wow!! Hope you are doing better today! How did the blood transfusion go?? (I had one after my first daughter was born!) is the pain much better today? Praying for ya dear!!!
on 11/2/13 1:33 am

I hope you are A-OK!

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My Bariatric Life


on 11/2/13 3:22 am, edited 11/2/13 3:23 am

The  pain is better than the first day. I had, to have  another transfusion this morning. I knew I felt terrible gut didn't realize I was in such bad shape. My bp was 72/40. After the first transfusion my bp came up a tiny bit.  My blood count went from 4 to 8. So I'm wondering what it went to after the 2nd transfusion.  Idk thank God I had a surgeon who knew his stuff. Especially since he said my insides were a mess from the first bypass. It took 2 hrs just to clean my insides, up before he could even start the revision. 

on 11/2/13 4:34 am

Glad you are feeling a bit better!

on 11/2/13 5:24 am - bay area, CA

I'm glad the pain is better now. You will feel better with the transfusion - stronger, more energy.

It's all relative...for the type of revision you just had, a blood transfusion is a very tiny bump in the road. Don't let this get you down.



on 11/2/13 6:25 am

Ya I'm not complaining as long as I keep progressing every day. Thank goodness I had Dr. K with all  the crap he said he had to fix before even starting to do the surgery.  2 hours is a long, time to be getting rid of adhesions. I never would have thought I would ever needed not 1 but 2 transfusions. THANK GOD IM ALIVE!

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