Dr Voellenger -- thoughts?

on 12/8/13 7:45 am

Hi, all, I am pre-op, my endocrinologist recommended this surgery and I am thinking DS is the best choice for me because of its very high success rate with eliminating diabetes. (not gonna lie, the weight loss would be an amazing fringe benefit) 

Dr Voellenger does this surgery near where I live. Anyone have experience with him? Or am I better off driving to Duke for Dr. Sanjan?

Secondly, would love to have a DS buddy or two. I am pretty apprehensive about  all of this. I just recently began participating here on OH and while I was looking around on my profile I noticed that AngelMamma had written me a sweet note welcoming me to OH in Feb of 2004. Clearly I have been considering this for almost 10 years and am just now getting the nerve to follow through.

Any advice, help, or kind words would be so helpful. Anyone, feel free to message me!


on 12/8/13 8:08 am - VA

I thought I'd heard that Voellenger had recently stopped doing the DS. Only one way to find is to call and don't let them tell you he does it but try to talk you out of once they get you in the office. Dr Sudan is top notch from everything I've heard and there are several of his patients here. There's a Voellenger patient here sometimes as well--perhaps she'll chime in.

You may have already researched on www.dsfacts.com but it wouldn't hurt to go back and recheck the DS surgeons list and look for other updates.

Keep us posted.  : )


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on 12/9/13 3:25 am

I would suggest you contact Dr. Sudan.

on 12/10/13 2:19 am - bay area, CA

Great decision! The DS not only has the best statistics of any bariatric surgery for percentage excess weight loss and maintenance of that weight loss, but also for resolution of almost all comorbidities. It's far and away the best choice for someone with type 2 diabetes, with a success rate for permanent resolution of 98%. Gastric bypass has a lower success rate, and for many people with gastric bypass, the diabetes comes back after a few years. This is extremely rare with the DS.

As far as surgeons go, Dr. Sudan has an excellent reputation. The extra travel would be well worth it.


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