Fact is: I just have the loudest digestive system there is....

on 8/8/14 1:33 am, edited 8/10/14 8:44 pm

In my journey in learning my body, I realize that since I was lactose intolerant before the surgery, I am now EXTREMELY lactose intolerant.  That being said, I am sensitive to dairy product.  I use to enjoy coffee with liquid creamer in the morning but it causes my stomach to make so much noises and flips.  I use to drink my protein shake, now this weekend I am going to try the egg protein.  However, this morning I did not put any powder creamer in my coffee, I added some equal because splenda is rough on my stomach, and I can still hear my stomach in this quiet office. After the coffee, I made some warm cider, and I still hear my stomach bubbling up.  I also had one slice of wheat bread, eggs and bacon.  If anyone have any suggestions to quiet my stomach please let me know.  Perhaps its the coffee so I will see if that is the culprit. 

Still learning what works best for me.


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Valerie G.
on 8/8/14 8:33 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

My stomach sings to me every morning.

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on 8/10/14 8:53 pm

Are your coworkers use to it, it can be so embarrassing because our office is so quiet.  Mine sound like an old furance....like you said whistling.  I noticed when I completely empty my stomach/intestines I have no problems.  But I so love my mornnig coffee with flavor creamer.

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Amanda L.
on 8/8/14 10:26 am - GA

Halfway through every meal my stomach starts churning so loud. And if I put my hand on my tummy I can feel the vibrations. I think it's neat :)

on 8/8/14 9:43 pm - NY

I am in the dating phase of my life and these beloved noises can be very embarrassing

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on 8/10/14 8:51 pm

Hi ladybug,

When I was heavy dating I experienced the same embarrassment, and it was also at the beginning of my learning journey.  I learn that I can not have potato chips, french fries, and soda.  Soda will definitely make my stomach go crazy.  Never eat things that will cause me to get bloated.  Anytime my stomach makes sounds it normally means that I need to go to the bathroom or I have not completely empty my stomach/intestines out. 

Still finding my way in this area, because I love my morning coffee. Even when I drink it with powder cream it is not as loud but my freaking office is too quiet.  Everyone can hear you key things on the keyboard..its that quiet.

Sincerely Sunshine.

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on 8/10/14 4:57 pm
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Mine too is noisy but I noticed that Lemon ginger hot tea seems to calm it. I use splenda in mine. Splenda seems to not bother me but any other sweetener does. It is weird how everyone reacts differently to certain things. 


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on 8/10/14 8:55 pm

I'm going to have to bring my ginger tea from home, thank you!

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