Vets - Drinking too fast does it cause stomach bubbles still

on 9/5/14 12:45 am, edited 9/5/14 12:46 am

Hello I am trying to narrow down my concerns, and thinking about making an appointment for my loud stomach, which is extremely sensitive.  I was wondering perhaps I need to start back with a straw to stop the stomach bubbles or gurggles after I drink.  Perhaps taking big gupes is causing some of the loud sounds. 

Is this effecting you vets?

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on 9/5/14 3:08 am - London, United Kingdom
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Nope, I can get down an 8oz glass of water in about a minute and no stomach gurgles here - intestinal ones occasionally yes, but not stomach gurgles.

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Valerie G.
on 9/5/14 7:22 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I still get it sometimes, especially in the morning is when I notice it most.  I wouldn't worry about it.

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on 9/5/14 10:49 am - Philly, PA

My tummy seems to gurgle just about every day from late morning until 2 or 3 i**** is so loud, it's the talk of the office.

no worries on my end. I'm just known as the one with the loud growling tummy.



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