Heart Burn, Anyone has it??? Heart Burn, Heart Burn...

on 3/17/15 12:07 am, edited 3/17/15 10:38 pm

Does anyone get heart burn, if so how are you treating it?

Thank you

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on 3/17/15 1:34 am
DS on 10/20/14

I never got it when I had a VSG, though I did take 3 months of prilosec after my op.  I've had a re-sleeve and DS in October, and I really struggle with it now. (It's my understanding the reflux stems from the sleeve, not the bypass portion of the DS) However, it's easily controlled with Protonix in the morning.  I've been told that if I have 'breakthrough' problems later in the day that I can add another pill.

My husband had terrible relux before his VSG, so badly that it burned holes in his esophogas and gave him a hernia.  His reflux was "cured" by his sleeve.  He takes no PPI's at all.

In other words, I have it, but it's easily treated, isn't bothersome, and I don't consider it a problem.

Hope that helps!


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on 3/17/15 10:50 pm
DS on 11/28/14

I have had heartburn ever since my VSG in 2010. It did lessen over time. I started out taking Prilosec every day...some days depending on what I ate I would take a second one in the afternoon/evening. It got to where I didn't need it every day and would only take it if I ate something acidic. 

Since my conversion to DS, I've been taking it everyday again. 

Prilosec works well for me, but some people have to try several different kinds before they died one that works for them. 

I don't have reflux btw...it doesn't come up into my esophagus. Just get a burning tummy every once in a while. 

on 3/17/15 2:30 am

Didn't have it before or after.

on 3/17/15 3:10 am - KS

I started having reflux issues after my DS. My Doc is treating it with Protonix, which is working well.

on 3/17/15 3:25 am

When you were experiencing reflux acid, was it causing you to turn into bed earlier....wondering if that is causing me.

My symptoms are not bad, I'm thinking about taking some Nexiem

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on 3/18/15 2:01 am - KS

It bothered me in several ways. Of course, there was the acid that backed into my throat while I was laying down, felt tired/weak, painful stomach area, poo felt like fire coming out, painful burps that would not stop....

Nexium will help, but it is pretty costly. Protonix works great, and has been around for a long time, so it is cheap (with insurance). In my opinion.

on 3/18/15 2:04 am

Interesting,  you felt tired and week.  Well the crazy thing is no pain, I realized I had bad heart burn when I drunk a margarita. My poo was liquid most of the time, but I have been experiencing that since I had the surgery.  No burps...just extremely tired, and since the drink, I realize I have a little burn.  But since I been taking the Nexium my stool is solid, and I have to see about the tiredness...I will take it for a week.

SW / CW / GW 292 / 188 / 174 - Height 5'7, Size 10

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