DS & PCOS your journey

on 3/30/15 11:00 pm

Good morning Everyone,

Just wondering for the people that have PCOS, and have had the DS procedure, how have your journey been?  Are you still on Metformin?

Please share your story.


Thank you!

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K P.
on 3/31/15 1:15 am
DS on 07/08/14 with

Here's basically a crosspost from a reply I just made on the PCOS board: 

I have had PCOS since puberty (or I guess forever). I had PCOS way before becoming overweight. My mom had it, and so does an aunt on my dads side. Yay for genetics!

I stopped taking my metformin before surgery. I had a period start 1 day before surgery. Then about a month later another one. They are always heavy and last at minimum 7 days (longest was 64 days) for me. I have to double even triple my iron due to the heaviness of my flow.  I thought I was becoming "normal" after my surgery but it diodnt last. I had one more cycle a month later, then for three months its been nothing. Ive lost almost 130 lbs and am 7ish from hitting a "normal" BMI. Its been 8.5 months since my surgery. 

Its different for everyone. I keep waiting and hoping my PCOS symptoms subside, but only time will tell. I also havent started ovulating (I usually know due to severe pain). 

Best of luck! 



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on 3/31/15 1:23 am

Thank you!

I am 5 years out come June 30, and have been feeling extremely fatigue after eating heavy sweets.  As of now I know, candy, cookies, and  cake with icing are No, no, no's.  Plus I have been constipated, not going to the restroom as regularly, therefore yes I can put on some pounds.  Every single year around this time my body would do some type of change, adjusting more and more regularly.  Plus I have cystic acne, always had that..that has not gone away, unless I use a certain type of birth control.

I'm thinking about going on metformin to regulate my insulin resistance.

Thank you again...

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