Ladies, help please.

on 5/3/15 2:28 pm - Chicago, IL

Where can I find a bra that will keep in my back & side flab? After losing almost 250lbs and going from a 54dd to a 36c I can't find one that does.





on 5/4/15 2:09 am

Go for a real fitting!  Most wear the wrong bra and the wrong size bra.  Yes, it's embarrassing but worth it.  Once you know what a bra feels like when it fits well, you will be able to judge better.

on 5/4/15 3:55 am

I went to a masectomy store, I told them i wanted the back and side stuff hid, they measured me and had me try on a few.  that was the best fitting bra ever.  of course they are more$$ the lowest for me was about 75$

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on 5/20/15 4:02 am - GA


I also would try Soma. They have a back smoothing bra.  I would go to a custom bra sho*****rdstrom (if they have one in your area) for a Bra fitting.  Places like Victoria's secret are a joke.

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