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on 12/10/15 12:51 pm

Hello everyone,


Do you ever feel like you immune system is low and it is easier for you to catch a cold in the winter.   Now I take all my Vitamins except, Iron and  copper.  I take (2) 50mg of zinc and I take a Tylenol in the morning.  But it still seem like it doesn't take much.  Do you guys get that feeling?





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on 12/10/15 3:11 pm

I'm the opposite.  I seldom get sick now and when I do catch a cold or something, it doesn't last as long.

K P.
on 12/11/15 6:20 am
DS on 07/08/14 with

I find that I am hardly sick anymore. If I do feel a cold coming on I take zipfizz. How have your labs been looking?

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on 12/11/15 6:56 am

My labs have been fine, however, I don't always get them all done. 


These are the ones I do not get done on a regular....would any of these affect me not having an strong immune system?


Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Blood
     Vit. B1, Whole Blood
Vitamin K1
     Vitamin K1
Vitamin B6
     Vitamin B6
Uric Acid, Serum
Phosphorus, Serum
Amylase, Serum
Magnesium, Serum
Copper, Serum
Zinc, Plasma or Serum
Ferritin, Serum
PTH, Intact
Selenium, Serum/Plasma

SW / CW / GW 292 / 188 / 174 - Height 5'7, Size 10

Valerie G.
on 12/15/15 4:28 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

I'm not seeing D on this list.  D is a HUGE contributor to your immune system.

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on 12/15/15 7:30 am

There was a time for about 3-5 months I was taking it every other day or 3 times a week mainly for testing, but it had dropped from 50 to now I take every day again.. typically my levels go to 50.

SW / CW / GW 292 / 188 / 174 - Height 5'7, Size 10

on 12/11/15 8:24 pm

.Low iron, Vit D3, C and Zinc will all slow immune response. Remember Nothing absorbs completely if you don't absorb fats, esp the fat soluable vitamins.. Don't forget Boron, magnesium and Calcium.

on 12/14/15 4:52 am

Hi SweetPotato,

Thank you for responding to my message.  After my surgery I and I was taking all these vitamins and supplements I felt strong as a lion. 

I have always been slightly anemic, and bad on my end I have not been taking any iron pills.  SO that may have something to do slow immune system.  Also I just started back perhaps a month ago taking zinc.  I do noticed since taking zinc my energy level is basically normal.  However, it still easy for me to catch a cold.  Going forward I will start back taking my iron, I think I stopped because I was trying to figure out a response I was I will get back on track with the iron.  I often feel extremely cold sometimes. 

You mentioned fat soluable vitimins, is that something you take extra?  I typically follow Vitalday vitaim & supplement regimen.  I get my magnesium when I take my calcium and vitamin D at night.  


Also what is Boron, and what is its purpose???  ITs not on Vitalady regimen.


Thank you!

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PTH, Intact     12 29 28
     Iron Bind. Cap. (TIBC) 539 468 398 361 378
     UIBC 481 434 358 327 340
     Iron, Serum 58 34 40 34 38
     Iron Saturation 10.761 7 10 9 10
Ferritin, Serum   6 17 39 69

SW / CW / GW 292 / 188 / 174 - Height 5'7, Size 10

on 12/15/15 4:07 pm

Boron is a trace mineral..we used  to get it from  vegetables, it is in the ground, but blocked by commercial fertlizers... It enables the uptake, and the proper use of magnesium, calcium  and other basic elements, required for basic body functions... nerve, electrical, bone strength and density...including assisting with weight loss. Some vitamin houses have it.

     For Iron, I do not absorb the regular Iron supplements, I have to take a natural liver extract, there is one called Buffalo liver extract/Carlson labs, and there is a beef/ calf liver extract, both do work well for me and I enterchange one of those with eating a small amount of liver ( 2 oz day) and a prescription one called foltrin, it does come in a is not expensive and contains everything that is required by the body to absorb... I do not tolerate any one thing but by alternating my source , I am able to get my Iron levels up, but it takes quite a while.

   Do a search on  each thing you take, Know /learn it's possible actions, and educate yourself. Don't take anything any one source gives you, but do your own checking as much as possible..and check several sites.. If what you are doing is not working, doing more of it wil gt the same result.. so change what you need to but record it so when you find an issue, you will be able to trace it back to what you did that either helped or caused ana issue.   This is even more important than diet tracking in SOME .(.ie long term , maintainence)situations. For me maintaining my vitamin, supplement regimine has been the hardst, even harder than maintaining a diet to maintain my weight.

on 12/15/15 4:18 pm

Fat soluable vitamins, are stored by the body. You can overdose on them when taking  the chemical ones, don't become toxic when getting from organic vegetables, what comes from the veggies, is converted to a useable form by the body in the amounts need them regularly, but missing a day is not acute.. they are   Vitamins A,D, E, Vitamin K.  The other vitamins are water souable and having them each day is imperative for good function.


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