Two weeks post op not losing

on 6/11/19 5:43 pm

I had the DS two Monday's ago and I'm not losing. I started puréed food sticking to low carb, moderate fat, high protein but I worry that I went through all of this and it's not going to work.

I've had such a hard time losing weight that that is why they gave me the DS.

My body really was built for a famine. I can't live on soup broth and protein drinks forever.

Ive read so many posts from this forum and it just seems most have results right away. I have lots to lose so it's not like I'm anywhere near any kind of goal weight. Although I live to see people tickers. It's so inspiring to see all the weight you all have list.

Im just scared that I'm going to be the weirdo that this doesn't work for.

on 6/12/19 4:37 am
DS on 11/11/14

Not unusual at all, you just went through major surgery. They put lots of fluids in you and likely still have post op swelling. It takes time, you didn't put it on in 2 weeks. Some people it falls right off (me luckily) others it takes a bit longer. Don't worry it'll happen. I'd also recommend only weighing at doctors office so you don't fall into the constant weighing daily and feeling like a failure if you didn't lose "X" pounds. Also take body measurements, I wish I would have.

on 6/12/19 11:46 pm

I do feel like a pair of pants are looser. So there's that. Thanks! I'll take measurements now. It usually is all about the scale for me. I need to get over it.

Janet P.
on 6/12/19 9:18 am

Take a deep breath. You just had MAJOR surgery and it will take your body to adjust. Every one is different so please don't try to compare yourself to anyone else. I guarantee that you won't be living on broth and protein drinks forever.

The first month is the hardest. The first thing that needs to happen is your body has to heal. Your primary focus should be water and protein. Just keep sipping. The general rule with the DS for protein is that by 30 days post-op you should be getting in 30 grams of protein per day. By 60 days post-op you're at 60 grams, and by 90 days (3 months) you should be at least 90 grams of protein.

I think we all have the feeling that "I'm going to be the first person in history who had the DS who never lost any weight". That won't happen.

Follow your surgeon's instructions for the first month.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 6/12/19 11:49 pm

I just want to skip over this first month. :)

Janet P.
on 6/13/19 6:08 am

You'll be past it before you know it.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 6/12/19 6:25 pm
DS on 11/01/14

I lost a few pounds the first couple of weeks. A year later it was150lbs. In this race the tortoise wins on a steady long term path.

on 6/12/19 11:45 pm

Wow! That's amazing.

on 6/13/19 9:05 am

Dear Emeraldstar,

Goodness you brought back memories! I remember being horrified that after surgery I weighed 22 lb. more than when I went in!!! After the first few weeks all that fluid build up from surgery just came flooding off. Hang in there and follow the plan. You'll do great!!!

Bitmoji Image Maureen

Surgery 5/1/2010 - Weight loss 100 pounds

on 6/17/19 7:04 pm

The scale is moving downwards! Yay.

I must say though that I've never spent so much time in the washroom. Sheesh. lol I'm trying hard not to step on the scale daily.......but every morning I do. Since yesterday I've lost .2lbs. So going down but soooo slowly. I think I'll ask my husband to hide it from me until Sunday. The scale that is.

Today marks three weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling good. I'm grateful that I'm off wor****il mid August as I really need to see what I will be able to eat that won't have me rushing to a washroom.

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