Consult for a revision from VSG to DS on thursday!

Ashley O.
on 6/24/19 8:51 am

I posted awhile back about looking into getting a revision to a DS and got some wonderful support and responses. I reached out to Dr. Inman, the closest doctor I could find (still almost 3 hours away) that performs a real DS (and revises to them!)

Her office staff was super helpful in getting me scheduled and between talking with them and my appointment, less than a 2 week wait. Incredible.

Summary: I had a VSG when I was 15. I am now 23. I'm only about 25lbs less than I was on the day of my surgery. I have a metabolism from hell. I've been insulin resistant since I was 5 years old. diagnosed with hypothyroidism, pco**** or miss on if i'm hypertensive or not, mild sleep apnea, etc...

I've always followed every diet and doctors plan to a T with little to no results. The sleeve didn't hurt me but it didn't really help me much either and I'm hoping a DS will be a tool that I can use to help manage my health in a more efficient way.

Has anyone else seen Dr. Inman? What should I expect from a first consult? Any particular questions or topics I should raise with her? It's been awhile since I've done this and I"m a little rusty!

How long was your wait period between consult and surgery, too? If I may ask?

Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it.

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Liz J.
on 6/25/19 6:20 am - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

Congrats! Good luck with everything and keep us posted!

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Janet P.
on 6/26/19 9:17 am

Please make sure you understand the long term affects of malabsorption and how you are going to maintain your levels for decades to come (considering you are 23), as well as commitment to the DS and the vitamins, supplements, protein, and labs that go along with it (for the rest of your life).

Janet in Leesburg
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Valerie G.
on 6/26/19 4:26 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

I know a few Dr. Inman patients from when I lived in Ohio and we often met up somewhere in between. They spoke very highly of her, so you're in great hands.

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