"Dieting" after DS

on 7/11/19 10:55 am

I have read a lot about how the DS offers the most balanced and normal diet of all the WLSurgies out there. But then I also am reading about how people are dieting again (to lose some regains) and making sure they are tracking carbs and not snacking etc. We all know this is a tool and lifestyle changes are forever, but can you tell me what dieting after DS is like vs before? Do you feel hungry and deprived like I do now when I try to diet by eating low carb, not snacking, smaller meals etc. It's pure hell.

Appreciate you all!


Liz J.
on 7/11/19 12:41 pm - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

It's nothing like before. To get my protein in and to lose my minor regain (10lbs) I still eat every 3 hours and I'm normally never hungry. I can still eat some carbs, it's just a lot less and mine mostly come from veggie and berries. Pasta still doesn't go down well, bread is a treat and I'm not big on potatoes. Found low carb wraps that I love and can use for pizza too! eating correctly now is a breeze compared to before.

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on 7/11/19 2:07 pm

I don't call it dieting. I call it making better food choices. I do not experience the misery that I did when I was dieting before DS, constant hunger, brain fog, headache, craving, etc. What's different? I can eat whenever I want, respond immediately to hunger by grabbing real food, not just a carrot and celery, and I don't have to worry about fat calories. A ham and cheese roll-up, a taco without the shell, a handful of cashews, a chicken thigh, these are all snacks I have had in the last few days. I don't formally count carb calories, but I know the portion I can eat. I still eat them when the family has rice or potatoes, just about one third of what they do. I am not attacking my bounce-back weight (15 pounds after 13.5 years), but if I see a few additional pounds hanging around after vacation or a holiday, I can just make better food choices. No uncontrolled hunger needed. If only there was a surgery that would allow unlimited consumption of candy!

Janet P.
on 7/16/19 9:35 am

Neither do it. I haven't "dieted" in 17 years. I eat the way I eat for the DS, and if I need to make adjustments periodically, so be it. It's usually cutting back on carbs (or making better carb choices - complex vs simple) for a while until things get back to normal.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 7/11/19 5:20 pm

I still diet pretty much constantly. I can gain weight. The DS makes it manageable. Much easier than it was before. Much!

on 7/16/19 5:47 pm
DS on 11/01/14

I think everyone's experience is specific to them based on your biome, gender, exercise etc.

I eat anything I want anytime I want. About 300 to 400 grams of carbs a day and lots of treats. I'm skinny as a rail but I do exercise now which I hadn't done for many years presurgery. I also make sure my vitamins and nutrition meet minimum standards or better everyday.

If I had to diet or couldn't eat normally, I would not have had the wls.

on 8/9/19 11:19 am

wow! I assume you are/were a virgin DS...? I am having a revision to a DS from a sleeve. I hope I have results even half as good as yours. I am sooo sick of agonizing over every bite I take.

Valerie G.
on 7/19/19 8:31 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

Expect some regain of your weight lost to the tune of 15-20%. Lose as much as you can the first year to have some buffer for that.

I am 13.5 years out and hover around 15% regain effortlessly and I don't diet. Every year, I usually do a detox of sorts when I find myself actually craving carbs. With that, I cut back simple carbs for a few weeks, focusing on meat veggies and cheese.

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on 7/26/19 2:46 pm - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

I diet but not like before. My dirty little secret is some lifestyle changes don't stick. My habits and tastes are very different than pre-op but I can still, at 6 years out, fall into some of the eating traps from my pre-op days.

I did reset the first year and a half and changed a lot but I'm 61 and I spent more years making bad habits than I have living a healthy lifestyle. :)

So, I diet in the sense that I watch my food choices and track but I can't say I ever feel hungry. I cut carbs, I lower portions a little mainly by doing more protein shakes, protein becomes my first choice, and I try and exercise more.

I'm 6:1 and hovered around 230 (surgery weight of 464) for 3 years or so. In the last year I have gotten to routinely weigh in around 220 with an eventual goal of onederland but I don't obsess over it like I used to. I just lean into the DS more when I am tracking than other wise.

I wouldn't ever use the word deprived for my feelings anymore. Not since the surgery but do I feel a little disappointed and happy that I know not to have that second piece of birthday cake or skip the ice cream. Just a little but knowing I can do 15 miles on my bike now makes it a good trade off.

I even go with my nephew to WW. The latest iteration is closer to the DS diet with emphasis on protein I just don't follow the whole low fat portion and I like the group dynamics. It's mostly to support my nephew but I gain too so it is a win-win. I just remember my needs are a little different than what they think the requirements are.


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on 7/31/19 8:30 pm
DS on 09/01/15

Thank you for the advice, that sounds reasonable!

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