Weight gain after DS

on 7/23/19 3:02 pm - FL
Hello. I need help. I had gastric bypass in 2007 then revision in 2013. My highest weight was 464 lowest weight 236. I'm now 282. I have to get between 210-180 for skin removal. Could you all please guide me. I'm losing this battle. What plans do I need to do. Then I also have Chronic lymphedema in the legs one is worst than the other. Please help

Donna SW- 363   CW- 326  GW- 230              VS 04/25/2013 Dr. M. Jawad




on 7/23/19 5:51 pm

I'm a little confused. Your post headline refers to DS, but your post talks about gastric bypass. Was your revision to a DS or was it a revision of your gastric bypass? If you were revised to DS, you need to get back to basics. High protein, very low carbs; no sugar, soda or juice; no candy or baked goods; good hydration and keeping up with supplements and vitamins. You can eat 5-6 "toddler" size meals of mostly protein every few hours. Almost no white carbs, potato, rice or pasta. Don't go hungry. Just keep eating protein--meat, fish, yogurt, eggs, etc, with very, very small portions of carbs, like a half a slice of bread or 2 tablespoons of rice. You can eat more when you reach goal. Did you have a true 2-anastomosis DS or a SADI? Who was your surgeon? For me, it's quality of the food choices (protein and not carbs) as well as quantity of each small meal. I can see the urgency of your dilemma, and if you get really serious about food choices, you will still lose weight. Take care!

on 7/23/19 8:17 pm
DS on 11/01/14

It wasn't the true Sadi DS or she would have lost all the weight.

on 7/24/19 4:39 am

When I said "true DS", I meant the Hess two anastomosis duodenal switch. The SADI is a single-anastomosis surgery that is a variant of the procedure, with a longer common channel and different "plumbing". The SADI is called a DS by some surgeons, which confuses patients. SADI is easier for surgeons to do, but doesn't have the long term data that a true DS does. Failure to lose enough weight does happen to a very small percentage of patients, even after a Hess DS.

on 7/24/19 3:59 pm - FL
It was done in 2 parts.

Donna SW- 363   CW- 326  GW- 230              VS 04/25/2013 Dr. M. Jawad




on 7/24/19 4:01 pm - FL
Another thing it's harder if you have chronic in thank you.

Donna SW- 363   CW- 326  GW- 230              VS 04/25/2013 Dr. M. Jawad




on 7/24/19 3:41 pm - FL
Sorry it was revised to the DS. A true DS. My surgeon was Dr. Jaward. Thank you so much

Donna SW- 363   CW- 326  GW- 230              VS 04/25/2013 Dr. M. Jawad




Janet P.
on 7/24/19 9:42 am

If your revision was to the DS (assume its the DS since you posted this on the DS forum), then you need to just get back to basics. For the serious weight loss phase, less than 20 grams of carbs per day, high protein and lots and lots of water. I don't know what your typical meal routine is. Snack often - but always protein-laden snacks. Nuts for crunch, deli meat or cheese, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese. Stay away from "empty" food. If it doesn't have protein, think hard before you eat it. Stay away from simple carbs. If you want carbs, choose complex carbs.

Sorry that I have nothing to contribute regarding your lymphedema - no experience.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 7/24/19 3:46 pm - FL
The more water I drink my body doesn't release it due to lymphedema. I will do my best with the water. Thank you

Donna SW- 363   CW- 326  GW- 230              VS 04/25/2013 Dr. M. Jawad




on 7/24/19 12:08 pm

Lymphedema is the fly in the ointment. Do you wrap? Do you know how much fluid you are carrying? I get it that X pounds is just extra water you are carrying around. And it makes it hard to move so you are sedentary as well. Do you have a pneumatic compression device? Do you use it?

I would go extremely low carb. Like eggs, meat, and cheese. That's about it. But I would guess the lymphedema is the root of the problem.

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