VSG to DS - stomach feels the same

on 8/4/19 9:43 pm
Revision on 07/25/19

Hi everyone,

On July 25, 2019, I underwent revision surgery from VSG to DS. I was told they redid my sleeve, but it doesn't feel like it. I feel like I can eat way more right now than I could when I was first sleeved. For those with similar revision surgery, did your sleeve feel new?


on 8/6/19 11:46 am

Oh no! Who did your revision?

I am set for a revision in a few weeks w/Ungson in Mexicali but was told that my sleeve would not be touched.

on 8/6/19 12:31 pm
Revision on 07/25/19

Dr. Rodriguez at Mexico Bariatric Center. I was told before and after surgery that they would/did resleeve me to ensure the best outcome.

on 8/6/19 1:53 pm

I had my sleeve with them in 2011 and had a great experience. But I hesitated to go to him for my revision since I could not find ANY info or reviews about him doing revisions. Did they not do a barium image before and after to show you the difference?

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