RNY revision to SADI or DS

on 8/15/19 10:32 am - Lansdowne, PA

Hi, I have been looking at revision surgery ( rny to DS of sadi)

I am curious if anyone has had or is in the process of having this surgery and what your outcome was>

Please don't scold me for gaining weight and suggest reinstituting appropriate diet. I have been doing those things myself.

I am just interested in personal accounts of revision surgery. Or if you know of any good articles about it.

I am just gathering information.


Liz J.
on 8/15/19 11:34 am - Saint Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/16

There's a Revision Forum you might find more information.

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on 8/16/19 4:51 am - Lansdowne, PA

I tried that site. They mostly suggested reset your pouch and dieting.

Which I have done. The weightloss is just really slow. I am losing 1 lb a month to get back to 200lbs ,which was my lowest weight after bypass, from a 73 lb. weight gain.

I am 57 and my joke is I'll reach my goal weight on my death bed.

And I don't need to hear the blame which they have for people with regain. I am a fat person. I hear that enough. Maybe I am just imagining it. But it was how I felt.

And only one person who was having a revision answered the question. But she hadn't had it yet.

on 8/17/19 1:04 pm

I really don't understand former fat people scolding about weight gain. Don't they get it that diet and exercise just doesn't work for some people and that's why they had bariatric surgery in the first place? No single surgery works as well for all people (except DS, but I am prejudiced.) I spent 30 years being a fat person who tried every diet, outpatient, consumer, and inpatient. None of them worked for long. I just don't burn calories like other people. Any single extra calorie attached itself to me and didn't want to let go. DS is the only thing that gave me a normal weight that has lasted for 14 years now. Shame on them for blaming you! I chose the DS because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life dieting. I do have to make good food choices, but I don't have the evil hunger monster following me everywhere. Never talk to anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself.

on 8/17/19 1:13 pm - Lansdowne, PA

Thanks for your understanding.

on 8/15/19 12:50 pm - CA

Here is a vid from Dr. Keshishian on revisions in general, including the RNY to DS.

https://www.dssurgery.com/videos/webinar-april-20-2016-revis ional-surgery/

Poke around his website and there are other videos and blog posts that are relevant, as he one of the handful of surgeons that can do the RNY to DS revision. He isn't real keen on the SADI, as that is mostly promoted as being "almost as good as" the DS while being simpler - as with most of the DS surgeons, as they already have the skills to do the DS, the SADI doesn't make a lot of sense for them. You might want to check on Dr Roslin in NYC as he is big on the SADI as well as the DS, so he should have some info on his site.

Good luck in this!

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on 8/16/19 4:41 am - Lansdowne, PA

Thanks, I've read a lot of the articles on Dr Keshisians site. Very helpful

on 8/16/19 4:37 pm, edited 9/16/19 9:19 am - Sacramento, CA


I'm a revision success story :)

I had RNY 2/16/2005 and revision to DS on 10/12/2009

Highest weight: 314

pre RNY weight 289

lowest RNY weight: 185

pre DS revision weight: 290

current weight: 140ish (and holding for 8+ years)


RNY 289/LW 185/REVISION 290/CW 140

on 8/16/19 6:13 pm - Lansdowne, PA

Thank you so much for responding Cassandra.

on 8/17/19 10:02 pm
DS on 11/01/14

I have not had a revision but I did have the SADi about 5 years ago with Dr. Roslin at Lennox Hill in NY. My goal was to lose all the excess weight, keep it all off, and still be able to eat normally with minimum side effects. Per Dr. Roslin, all wls surgeries create an imbalance and you will need to account for them. The more extreme the surgery the more side effects and risks. SADi DS has been around for about 8 years prior to my wls, so about 13 years today. The risk is lower than a DS and the vitamins are much less. The biggest difference is a longer common channel (about 400cm in SADi DS vs 150cm or less in Hess DS). Many people incorrectly think this means you lose less weight or will not keep as much off. That is not true, and the less is more theory has held up for me, and is confirmed by Dr. Roslin.

My experience is that I lost every once of excess weight (I really mean every f'n once). I regained about 25lbs which I badly needed to get to where I am now (really thin). After losing 150lbs over a year, I stabilized after a couple of years around 160lbs as a 6'1 man. I'm a similar lean build from the neck down to a teenager. Not sure if that's good but it's where I'm at, and I'm good with it now. I eat about 3k calories a day, sometimes more and never gain weight outside a 5 to 10 lbs range which always gravitates back to the same spot. Dr. Roslin has told me my body takes what it needs to maintain a lean build and flushes everything else out. I can confirm after 5 years this is true for me.

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