Looking for Peloton buddies

on 9/1/19 7:52 am
DS on 12/17/18

Good morning, does anyone else here do the Peloton exercise bike? I only have one real life friend who does it, so I'm looking for more moral support. I'm mzzzcotton on Peloton if anyone would like to befriend me.

If Fitbit is more your thing, I'm mizcotton on there and would be happy to do more on that platform too.

Trying to use technology to my advantage here (:

on 9/3/19 9:56 am
VSG on 02/13/19

I wish I had a peloton..I have an old treadmill with iFIT but its an older version of it.



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on 9/10/19 1:52 pm, edited 9/10/19 6:53 am

SpinSkater. I'm approaching 200 rides. I got the bike just after Thanksgiving. Love every minute of the rides. I'll ping you on the ap

Ha. You already hit me. I get a few requests and didn't realize OH connection. Looks like you are working your way up and do scenic rides. How are those? I've never done them. Let me know how I can assist or answer any questions. Let me know and one day we can do a class together. I'm up for anything that works for you.

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on 9/12/19 10:50 am

To anyone looking in the future for those who have Peloton, just message me. Also if thinking about buying and wondering if good. They are great. I so look forward to using it, as evidenced by almost 200 rides since Thanksgiving last year.

If looking now - they are offering 30 day risk free with no shipping/delivery risk (that part is new). Also there is usually an annual sales that we(as users) mostly know. During black friday week (Monday to BF) they offer a free $250 value accessory package. I waited 3 months to get that package. Shoes, mat, heart monitor, weights. They don't offer any sales or other discounts (other than referral mentioned below)

If too far away - use my user name as a referral (SpinSkater) - you'll get $100 off accessories like shoes, etc. You can't get that extra discount during the black friday sale.

I get a free shirt for the referral, so I'm not hawking here for sure. I actually don't like the Peloton clothing - too much for the kids in styling.

HW 510 / SW 424/ GW 175 (secondary after PS) / CW 182

RNY November 2016

PS: L/R arm skin removal; belt panniculectomy - April, 2019

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