K P.
on 10/11/19 9:57 am
DS on 07/08/14 with

How much protein are you eating a day in grams? I typically get about 100-120. My concern is my protein level is 6.8, and while normal it's close to being low (6 is the bottom of normal). I try to eat 5/6 meals with about 15-20 grams protein each. Sometimes it's only 5 meals because I feel so full. I drink 2 protein shakes a day (counted as a meal). I eat eggs, chicken, fish, steak, cottage cheese, cheese etc. Any advice?

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on 10/12/19 11:59 am

6.8 is good. Just keep up the good work!

I don't need as much as you do. I am usually between 80 and 100. And that is plenty for me.

White Dove
on 10/12/19 12:43 pm

I used to get 100-120 grams a day and my protein was around 6.8. Now I get about 40 grams a day and still around 6.8. I have been about 40 grams a day for last four years.

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Valerie G.
on 10/21/19 5:11 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

With the DS, you're probably never going to have "stellar" protein levels, so normal - even the low end of normal - is good. If you can fit more in, even better, but it looks like you're doing all good things.

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on 11/25/19 5:59 pm

Just keep up the good work!

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