20 Years - So Far, So Good

on 7/3/20 8:54 am - NC

It has been 20 years since my BPD/DS, and probably 15 years since I last visited Obesity Help. Thought I'd pop in now that I am officially an "old - timer"!!

Surgery, recovery, and weight loss were uneventful for me, and I remain grateful every day for the opportunity to have this procedure.

Weight / Food: I became obese because I ate too much, and had a very, very unhealthy relationship with food. That has not really changed much, although I do regular battle with those demons. My lowest weight was 138, but I spend most of my time around 155-165. Occasionally, I have popped up to 185, and then have to stop eating carbs to drop back down. I still hate having to manage what I eat. Menopause has made it harder.

Nutrition: Even after 20 years, I have a protein shake every day. If I want to manage gas and loose stools, I stop eating any grain products. Sugar is my big "addiction" - and is really the one thing which will cause me to gain weight. Since it also contributes to my arthritis, I routinely try to purge it from my life.

Medical: I developed osteoporosis (as did my mother and sisters - non surgery). For several years, I took Fosamax, which did nothing. About 5 years ago, I stopped all medication, and my levels have remained steady (low, but not decreasing). I also developed a severe iron deficiency, which only responded to iron infusions. At this point (thank you menopause), I only need an infusion about every 5 years. In the intervening time, my ferritin will drop from about 400 to 50. I have had some success using an oral iron supplement. I have done my labs every year for 20 years, and my levels have been extremely consistent. I eased back on the massive doses of vitamins I took the first 10 years, and discovered that my levels remained steady. I will probably drop back to every 5 years at this point.

Lifestyle: The loss of the weight resulted in a huge increase in my activity level, which in turn, led to quite a number of injuries (apparently, I am just clumsy and awkward, which never had anything to do with my weight....). I currently live on a farm, and raise chickens, sheep, and elderberries - I work outside for many hours a day, and genuinely love my life. I am genetically programmed for arthritis, which has turned out to be way worse than I ever imagined it could be, but I manage it with Celebrex and no refined sugar (when I can).


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Janet P.
on 7/3/20 9:37 am

Wow, Kate - thanks for the post. I'm just over 17 years post-op. You and I seem to have had similar issues. I actually continue with my massive vitamin doses. My mother and sister also had osteo (also non surgical). I tried Reclast - didn't really work. Currently looking into Prolia. My iron has managable with infusions - last infusion was almost 3 years ago and labs are still normal - no oral iron for me. I don't do shakes, but get all my protein from food. I'm exactly the same weight I was when I hit goal just over 15 years ago.

There aren't many 20+ DSers. It's comforting to know my life seems to be "normal" for a long-term DSer. Stay healthy and stop by one in a while.

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Hazem Elariny

on 7/3/20 9:44 am

Thanks for posting! Good to hear from other log timers!

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on 7/4/20 9:22 pm
on 7/6/20 12:24 pm

Hi Kate,

It's good to hear from you..and catch your report... I had an different wls, in mid 90's. I have complications similar to a DS, actually a RNY with multiple bowel resections and removals. Our weights mirror each other.LOL I live on a few acres in Tn. We have chickens and rabbits.and a small garden.

I have rhumatoid and Osteoarthritis, brought to fruition by Lyme. I can not take any meds , one dose of anything normally prescribed brings on gastritis. 2 hospitilizations w/twisted intestines later,- i now use willow bark 1-2 x a week followed with a single dose of Prevacid about 2 hours later. warm water soaks on hands get fingers going on cold days.The K2 and epsom slat foot baths have no hurt..

I am also on Anemia scale. my best fix for that is to have liver 2 x a day.. Only 1.5 oz each time... the second best is to take 2 Organic Buffalo or calf liver capsules with morning meal. Liver has every compound one requires to absorb iron.

The internist who found my severe anemia...told me Liver was the perfect food. Eating it 6 days a week 2 times a day, for 6 weeks. boosted my Hg. by 8/10ths a point.

It is so much easier to obtain and take dessicated liver. in capsules. it comes in 180 count bottles and price range is 45-70$, for 3 months [email protected] 2 /day. Rabbit liver is delicious, both tender and sweet.., and so is farm raised chicken liver.It is wonderful my Hubby does not like either of them!LOL

For joint pain you might try magnesium oil... I have read a lot about it recently and it is on my "purchase on next buying trip" list.Earth clinic had an article on it recently.

I have also been diagnosed with osteopenia, to reverse that in both my hubbs and myself, 12 months ago we increased our D3 to 10 thousand units per day.with Vitamin K2. It has been researched over past 2 years as the body's mineral mover. Moving magnesium, calcium, zinc and other trace minerals to the bone and away from blood vessels. My Dh has had tests confirming his osteoporosis is improving with his additional 6 years since last tests. he hits 71 this year.

on 7/6/20 4:39 pm - NC

Farm Living is definitely the life for me!! I found that while I have not been able to reverse my osteoporosis, once I stopped taking meds, and switched to high doses of D3, along with some added magnesium, the decline stopped. And now that I am blissfully in menopause, I have remained stable. I have been really happy with topical CBD cream for some of the joint pain. Oral does nothing for me, but the cream really gives me relief. It doesn't last long, but long enough for me to be able to fall asleep!!

I love liver, but am pretty sure I couldn't eat it 12 times a week!! When I was supplementing iron, the Spatone Iron Plus was the only thing that seemed to have any impact (and it tasted good). Even with that, my body simply failed to absorb most oral iron.

Thanks for the info!!


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on 7/7/20 12:12 pm - South Central, PA
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Hello there! I am 10 years out, and you are an inspiration. I have been able to maintain a 22ish BMI. I struggle to keep my protein and iron up and have also had to use infusions on occasion. Right now I'm at osteopenia, so I'm taking 2000mg calcium per day in 4 doses spread out. Being active is so much easier for me now that my knees are not hurting and I'm not constantly out of breath.

Congratulations, and enjoy your 20 year celebration!

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on 7/7/20 4:01 pm - NC

So cool to see you are a DS couple - us too!! After the first year, my husband realized that if he didn't lose the weight, I would end up leaving him behind as I launched a more active lifestyle. We loved our life together, but it involved eating out and going to movies. Afterwards, it was much more physical activity!!

~And I think to myself, it's a wonderful life~ Louis Armstrong

BPD/DS - 2000 - John Rabkin
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on 7/29/20 8:56 am

Thank you so much for posting Kate! Wondering what your weight was before getting DS?

on 7/29/20 9:01 am

Thanks Kate! So thoughtful of you to check in with all of us. Wondering what your weight was before DS?

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