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on 12/1/21 7:28 am
DS on 11/10/18


my surgery date was August 2019 STarting Weight: 389 SW: 329 CW: 211 Height 5"10

I had the traditional DS will I continue to loose weight? I really ideally want to be 130 or 140

on 12/1/21 9:55 am

You are 5'10". 130lbs is not a reasonable goal. You already look 'normal', right? Try to concentrate on working with what you have and eating right. More protein and fewer carbs. Be at least somewhat more active. Yes, you can still lose weight but you have to work at it!

White Dove
on 12/1/21 2:38 pm - Warren, OH

My surgeon recommends that his patients lose 10, 20 or even 30 pounds under their ideal goal. That is because the body adjusts to the effects of the surgery and people have bounce-back regain. For most of us, we did look too skinny for a year or so. Then we have a bit of regain and the face and body filled out again. As long as you do not let your BMI go under 18, you will still be normal weight. Go under 129 would get into being underweight.

You will probably end up at a more normal weight of around 160-170 in year three. But everyone is different, and your results may vary.

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