Best DS surgeon in Grand Rapids, MI

on 7/8/22 7:44 am, edited 7/12/22 9:40 am

Anyone know best DS in GR, MI?

on 7/8/22 5:37 pm

Definitely DS. At that weight it's extremely unlikely he'll be able to sustain the weight loss with any other surgery. I also recommend that he gets a shorter CC, which will make weight loss and maintenance even easier. Where are you located? A couple of good surgeons I reccomend are Dr Keshishian in California or Dr Elariny in Virginia.

As far as drinking is concerned, yes, I reccomend that the issue is addressed before proceeding with the operation. The rapid weight loss is hard on people's livers, and the last thing someone needs is alcohol to stress out the liver even further.

How bad is the drinking issue?

on 7/9/22 11:08 am
on 7/9/22 12:02 pm

I wish him the best and I hope he makes an appropriate choice. But you can't make anyone do anything. Maybe he is smart enough to make the right choice and maybe not, but seeing that all of you have had WLS, he certainly has resources available.

My thought, I wonder if he would take the supplements if he had the DS. Or would he be stubborn enough to refuse? If He won't take the pills, it is not the surgery for him.

As your family already knows the VSG is just another diet with a smaller stomach. I agree with you that your son needs malabsorbtion to be able to keep the weight off.

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