Post op wls support group at UCF Orlando or close by?

on 7/31/13 12:58 pm - FL

Looking for post op wls support group at ucf or very close by(no car)...any one know of any on or near campus?  Thanks!

on 8/1/13 2:04 pm

There is nothing over in that area these days.  We used to have one at the library on Hwy. 50 and it fell apart.  I'm assuming your in the Oviedo area.  Dr. Jawad's group is at ORMC downtown a pain but...maybe you could catch a ride.  My daughter also had the sleeve done, I guess about 2 years ago now.

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Plastics done 4/21/10 (Dr. Sauceda)
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on 8/7/13 9:07 am - FL

Thanks.  My daughter is heading back to classes soon. They have a weigh****chers type support on campus, she thinks, but thought to ask around. I'll let her know. She did not want her car in

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