My Weightloss Journey Continues: Rec'd Bypass May 2006 - Now Body Contouring May...

Michael Eak
on 3/20/15 3:02 am - Saint Petersburg, FL

My WeightLoss Journey Continues: Next Phase - Body Contouring! I met with my latest New Doctor "A Plastic Surgeon: Christopher Newman, D.O." After a thorough discussion and examination & pictures taken.

It was onto what Insurance (He accepts many but most importantly mine Humana. The only Plastic Surgeon that I know of in the Tampa Bay area who will accept what Insurance companies pay rather that setting his own fees.)

I will be receiving a Panniculectomy: the apron of skin& remaining fat that happen when a person losses a tremendous amount of weight . As myself having lost 450lbs. Dr. Newman is estimating this will be about 35-40 more pounds.
This removal WILL make my life & movementability much easier.

I feel very good about this procedure and Dr. Newman. As I did about Dr. Rehnke and my Gastric Bypass. Now I wait to hear from Humana for their approval.

If you've lost most or all of the weight you've hoped for call and make an appointment. He accepts many insurance plans. As he testifies he CARES it's not all about the money.

Dolores L.
on 7/9/15 11:50 am - FL
Revision on 08/14/12

Hi Michael,

You have done tremendously well! I was happy to read that you had gone to a local surgeon and I am wondering what your experience was with your procedure and the plastic surgeon you chose? I am in the process of starting to look around for a plastic surgeon in the Tampa Bay area. 



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