Anyone seen by Dr Jefferson Vaughan from Jupiter?

on 4/23/15 6:49 am - ft pierce, FL

Curious about how he is as a surgeon. I am in the beginning stage and just want some input about him. Thanks in advance   Brenda

on 5/30/15 9:47 am - West Palm Beach, FL

I have a friend who had this Doctor and he was very happy with him.  I do believe this site has many reviews on him and his staff. I just met yesterday with my PCP and we discussed the vertical sleeve. I told him I was interested in Dr. Vaughan as my friend was so pleased and happy with him.  So I have the ball started and let's see how long it takes to get to surgery.  Would love to exchange emails with you.

Amanda    Surgery was 1/26/2016 Surgery Weight  314   Highest Weight 497

lost  183 pounds before surgery


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