Weight loss surgery in Tampa

on 10/27/15 7:10 am

Anyone have surgery in Tampa with Dr. Michel Murr or Dr. John Paul Gonzalvo? Feedback?

on 1/7/16 6:43 pm
RNY on 01/29/16

I am scheduled to have surgery done by Dr Murr on 1/29.He came highly recommended by my hair dresser. She had they surgey 7 years ago and she looks great.  She raves about him and his office. 

on 1/18/16 4:27 am

Congrats! Thank you for the info.  I'm  eight yr out an need one here.  I've made an apt to  see him.

on 4/12/16 3:14 pm

How did your experience with Dr. Murr go? What kind of revision did you end up with?  I am going to his information session next week.  I am hoping I can get a revision to my rny but I have a ton of questions.  Did you like Dr. Murr?


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