Bariatric Surgeon in the Palm Beach Area

Lisa L.
on 6/10/16 9:15 am - Nesconset, NY

My 21 year old daughter is currently living in S Palm Beach (originally NY) and is pursuing Bariatric Surgery, most likely the Sleeve Gastrectomy. Can anyone recommend a surgeon for her? I had RNY surgery in 2007 in New York but know nothing about the Florida surgeons. TIA.

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Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 6/20/16 8:07 am, edited 6/20/16 1:08 am - FL
VSG on 05/26/16

Hi I live north of her in Martin County, but I found Dr Wizman down in Margate and have absolutely loved him and his team

From Palm Beach he is probably a 40 minute drive south.

His website is and can get some info and also able to register for his information session right on his website

Hes got great bedside manner, and is a great surgeon from what I can tell so far :)


Oh, hes also one of the few Center of Excellence surgeons as well as his hospital he performs surgery in.


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