Celebrating 16 Years Today

Member Services
on 1/9/14 12:02 am - Irvine, CA

ObesityHelp Staff are celebrating today and we would like for you to join us. 

It was 16 years ago that our founder, Eric Klein, launched ObesityHelp.com.  From January 9, 1998 through today, his mission has always been to the education, sharing of information and the support of our 700,000 members.  Eric was a pioneer when he created ObesityHelp.  ObesityHelp was created before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  Eric had a vision long before these sites were thought of. 
The journey of ObesityHelp through the past 16 years has been rewarding for those of us that support Eric's mission.  ObesityHelp was created, and still remains, dedicated to you, our members. 

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