Hair Loss!!

Tammy W.
on 6/17/03 9:08 am - Dallas, GA
I am 6 months post op and have about had it with hair loss. My hair is getting VERY thin on top and I am scared to death that eventually I will have bald spots. Anyone who has delt with this please let me know about how long before it starts to grow back. I haven't done to well with getting all my required protien in each day but have totally recommited myself. I make sure I eat at least 60 - 80 gm Protien daily. (HARD WORK!) I appriciate any and all help I can get!!
Siddy I.
on 6/18/03 3:19 am - Savage, MN
~Tammy~ Hang in there, it does get better. There are several things you can try such as hair and nail vits, biotin(sp?), and shampoos made for hair loss(think Sally's Beauty Supply) but really the best thing to do is try,try,try to get your protein in. I got a cute, short haircut to "hide" my hair loss and no one really noticed how much I had thinned. Remember, it will stop falling out and it will grow back. Take care. ~Sidney~ Open RNY 10-23-02 down 100+