50 pounds gone YEAH one goal down..

Catherine B
on 6/24/03 2:08 pm - Kingsland, GA
and many more to go.. Shortly I will be under 200 .. only 2 more pounds for that and 4 pounds gone I will be mearly obese.. YEAH...
Reese W.
on 6/24/03 8:37 pm - McINTYRE, ga
Way to go Catherine!! I am excited for you. After my surgery my first goal is to get under 300, then to get to the weight on my drivers licence!! lol. I am 6' tall so about 190-200 is where I will want to stop. I vaguly remember being about a size 14 when I was around 180 pre children, then after kids when I got to 230 I was an 18. Go figure! So I'm guessing with age. a 190 goal will again be about a 14, and at my height I think that will be good. Just as long as I get into a healthy catagory. Keep up the good work!!!!!