feeling better each day,

Susan G.
on 6/26/03 3:54 am - Hiram, GA
Hi everyone, this is suan , I will get my picture on here as soon as I, as stupid as I am, can not figure out how to get the it to work, any way I just wanted to say I feel great, I am havng a couple of things that are bothering me, I don't know if any of you have had this, my bones hurt, and I feel like I have a broken a rib, somehow, my left rib is all swollenup , and it hurts to sit to long because of the hurting bones, other than that I feel wonderful, I think the last time I wrote I had lost 120 lbs now I am at 136down, I never knew I could breath and move like i can now, my life is wonderful, and I have legs now, and a waist, and cheek bones, I cannot believe the difference in me, I wish they had, had this years ago, all that dieting, for nothing and all the money I spent at ww, and jenny craig, ect, I still have so many clothes in 3x on down to L ,I need to get rid of, any one know what to do with them? have a blessed and wonderful day, susan griffith
Reese W.
on 6/26/03 7:06 pm - McINTYRE, ga
Sure, send your 3x to me, doesn't look like my pcp is going to get on the ball anytime soon! LOL. I am so happy for you suscess, but the bone thing has me worried. Are you taking in enough calcium? Do you have an appointment anytime soon w/your pcp. Maybe it is time for another panel to check you levels of calcium, colesteral, etc. Please let me know what you find out cuz even though I don't personnaly know anyone on this site, it makes me feel so much better to log on, read the posts, and know someone is there to help me when I need it, so I consider everyone friends and even though I don't have a voice or sometimes a face, I do have a personality, and thats what counts anyway, right? Take care, and I really could use some clothes!!!