bcbs of ga hmo

on 7/22/03 4:02 am - Atlanta, GA
Hi I have my appt with my primary dr Monday and she is going to refer me for surgery probably Dr. Duncan I'm a state employee and afraid my insurance want cover the surgery I have heard horror stories about the bcbs hmo plan I really need this surgery I'm at the end of my ropes
on 7/22/03 8:13 am - Locust Grove, GA
I have bcbs POS which is an hmo and I had no problems at all with approval. I'm sure my surgeon in Macon, Dr. Michael Rothwell and his staff had something to do with that as well. He writes an awesome letter to submit and they do all the work. I paid all my -ologist visit at $15 per visit and I paid my deductible and that's it. I wish you luck and send prayers up for you. I know Dr Duncan is an awesome surgeon. I choose to drive to Macon because Dr. Rothwell had the surgery himself. Take Care and keep us posted. ~L~
Laura F.
on 7/22/03 9:23 am - Dallas, Ga
I have BCBS of Ga HMO and did not have any problems with my insurance approving or paying. I used Dr. Celio Burrowes and of course think he is the BEST!! In fact he trained Dr. Duncan(who I have heard is also good). Dr. Burrowes office handled all insurance interactions. Blessings with your journey. Laura Post op 8 months-242/149
Angela B.
on 7/22/03 7:29 pm - Covington, GA
I also work for the state and have BC/BS HMO. I had no problem at all getting approved. In fact, I was approved in 23 hrs. I gave them no way to say no. I had done all my homework and had an answer for their every question... before they ask it. I used Dr. Robinson in Conyers. I would tell anyone to use him...even if they were just thinking about surgery. His office staff is the best. They have helped me step by step, day by day, with this whole new life. Good luck and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Angela Boyett - Covington Ga RNY with Fobi (9-17-02) From 262 lbs to 127 lbs ...Size 6, even some 4's--woohoo
on 7/29/03 9:03 am - Atlanta, GA
Well back from the pcp She is in my corner all the way but she told me to get ready for a fight cause my insurance co is one of the tougest I told her I'm ready