new support group for se ga

johanna F.
on 9/21/03 2:56 am - jacksonville, fl
Hi this is Johanna Fritz. I live in St Marys, GA and i have started a new local support group, thought you might be interested.. we will have actual meetings and also a web group.. This is a support group for people who have had gastric bypass surgery/ or are considering having it, or their friends and family members. There is a meeting held the 4th tues of every month at 7pm at Perks Coffee House. The address is 123 city smitty dr, st marys, ga 31558. There will also be a meeting added during the day time in the very near future. The group is called Camden WLS Support,and the group web is the next meeting will be the 23 of sep, if there are any questions please call me at 673-7437. thanks, Johanna
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