I'm Approved

Candice P.
on 10/16/03 3:45 am - Adairsville, Ga
The Insurance company just called and said that I was approved. I'm so excited. Now if the surgeon can just hurry and give me a date.
Marrilee M.
on 10/18/03 11:31 am
Candice, That's wonderful news!! Isn't that the best news of your life??? . . . .Who is your Dr, your profile doesn't say? What type of surgery will you have? Is he charging you additional $$ above what the insurance co. is paying? Do you have to lose some weight before surgery? Blessings. I'm pre-pre-op.
Candice P.
on 10/19/03 10:35 pm - Adairsville, Ga
I am so happy I can't hardly stand it. Dr. Paynter in Dalton, Ga. is the surgeon and as far as I know the insurance will cover at 100% because they are in network. I don't know about any weight loss before surgery but I haven't seen the Dr. since I was approved. I am waiting on them to call.
Siddy I.
on 11/4/03 1:40 am - Savage, MN
WOW Candice. Thats GREAT news! You will be on the losing side soon. ~Sidney~