10/17/03 I called my insu...

ballery H.
on 10/17/03 11:37 am - ga
10/17/03 I called my insurance company and was told that I am APPROVED!!! I called Dr. Duncan's office and spoke with Joyce she told me that before I get a surgery date she have to receive the letter from the insurance company. So now I am just waiting on a date. This waiting is the story of my life...
Marrilee M.
on 10/18/03 11:27 am
Ballery, That's wonderful news!! ~ ~ ~ ~ Isn't that the best news of your life??? . . . .Is Duncan going to do the LAP RNY?. . . . I wonder when your date will be, he is soooo busy. . . .Is he charging you additional $$ above what the insurance co. is paying?. . . . .Do you have to lose some weight before surgery?. . . . Blessings. I'm pre-pre-op.
ballery H.
on 10/24/03 10:33 am - ga
Marrilee, Guess what happened today 10/24 I GOT A DATE!!! (drumroll)....... 12/29/2003 Yes this year can you believe it and yes with Dr. Duncan who would believe that. Yes he is going to do LAP RNY. As far as the additional money and all I don't have that information right now but as soon as I do I will let you know. Yes I was told today that I can not gain any more weight from what I weighed the last time I was in their office but to atleast try to lose 5 to 10 lbs. I am so excited I have to get that psych eval done and have a upper endoscopy done also so I guess by the time I schedule appt for these procedures December will be here faster that I know it. Have you found a surgeon? Thank you for your Blessings...... Ballery
Karen M.
on 10/21/03 12:53 pm - Duluth, GA
Congratulations!! That is a big step accomplished. I remember getting my approval in March 2001, and didn't get a date until end of July 2001 for 9/6/01!! I thought the wait for the date was the hardest part! But then it finally came. I think there should be a class on How to Wait!! It is truly the hardest part of getting this surgery. But you're almost to the finish line and going to cross over to the losing side. How exciting!! Good Luck and best wishes on the home stretch! karen (9/6/01, 297/146)
ballery H.
on 10/24/03 10:44 am - ga
Karen, You are so right this whole thing is nothing but a waiting game. But if I just continue to be patient then yes you are right I will be on the losing side. Right where I want to be. The first time I ever wanted to be called a loser. (ha, ha) But it is exciting and the closer I get the more excited I get. Keep me in your prayers. Congratulations on your success WOW!!!! from 297 to 146 that is wonderful. But the key question is would you do it all over again? Thank you Ballery
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