surgery upcoming very scared

Lilly H.
on 10/21/03 2:28 pm - Cartersville, GA
I have been scheduled for surgery on 12-09-03. Not sure why but I'm nervous. Have researched for 2 years. Really want the surgery I feel as if it's my lifeline.Afarid about post-op complications and restrictions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Lilly
(deactivated member)
on 10/22/03 11:10 pm - Georgia Peach, MD
Lilly, Getting nervous before major surgery is natural. I got a little nervous, also. Try to relax and spend the time before surgery preparing yourself for your new journey. Practice taking small bites, get out and walk or do some form of exercise, drink lots of water, and most of all PRAY! You will do just fine.
Marrilee M.
on 10/24/03 4:11 am
Hi Lilly, I can understand getting nervous. When I do, it's usually because of a fear of the unknown. Once I realize that's what's going on then I start reading and researching EVERYTHING. When I had my hysterectomy, I knew almost as much as the surgeon about the procedure. The only thing I had trouble with was when they wanted to shave me, I was told they would do it once I was "under" but they came and did it while I was in the pre-OR area. I got upset because it wasn't what I had prepared for. I think now I'll still do my reading and studying and I'll add a "chill pill" so that when something happens (even if it's as small as shaving) I will be able to go with the flow.
on 10/25/03 1:24 am - Jasper, GA
I thinki everyone is nervous its natural I'm alllmost 6 months out and have lost 117 pounds. Every morning i look in the mirror i see adifferent person coming out and the praise i receive from friends that i haven;t seen since before the surgery are amased. so if some one ask me if its worth it heck yea. just try to stay calm and enjoy the days of eating before the surgery because after u won;t won;t to eat. I still smell food and it makes me very upset at my stomach. everyone can tell u dont eat this dont eat that but u well have to live and learn what your boby can take but good luck and may good be on your side.
Trauma Queen
on 10/28/03 6:44 am - Jacksonville, FL
Hi Lilly, My surgery is 12/12 with Dr. Titus Duncan. So I am not far behind you. I am scared too. Not so much from death, but from post op problems. I have this huge fear of being dependant on somone the rest of my life I know your fears are normal and I have them too. Talk to as many people as you can, and pray. I know that we are doing the right thing. God bless, Donna B.