Medicare & Medicaid - Plastic Reconstructive Surgery after WL

on 12/5/14 4:46 am - Gainesville, GA

I have medicare & medicaid and am in desparate need of reconstructive surgery - skin. Most importantly body lift & breasts. I have diabetes and have sores & lesions that will not heal - I have type 2 diabetes. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME?



on 3/26/15 1:01 pm - Lithonia, GA

Hi Cindy,

I am not familiar with medicare, but Medicaid (Peachstate Plan) which is what I have, paid for my RNY gastric bypass surgery, a medically necessary panniculectomy (removal of the hanging stomach apron of skin), and a medically necessary breast reduction.  Your primary physican hs to make a referral and you have to take photos and document every prescription lotion or powder for the rashes and irritation to go away.  Also document how the extra skin effects your mobility.  Even though you lost a lot of weight, that extra skin can weigh you down and weight a lot themselves.  My surgery was done Peachtree Surgical and Bariatrics for the wls, performed by Dr. Larry Hobson. 

My reconstructive surgery was performed by Dr. Pravin Reddy, both.  I do not know if the insurance covers with medicare, but try Dr. Reddy and Dr. Stanley Okoro.

on 3/26/15 2:29 pm - Lithonia, GA

For your diabeti sores and lesions, all Atlanta Wound and Trauma Center at 285 NE BLvd.  Suite L-3.....Dr. Reddy is one staff member.  Also, I heard that oxygen treatment has a positive effect.  I think it is a hyperbaric chamber