skin surgery in ATL, where to start?

on 6/18/15 1:26 pm - Atlanta, GA

Hi everyone! I did my DS in Nov 2009 and have gone from 650+ to 180. I am very happy and returning to life! I really need skin surgery badly now, and I am not really clear on where to start. I am in ATL but I did my DS in Dayton, OH with Dr John Maguire at Miami Valley Hospital. So I have never really had a support network here, and as I have had almost no issues, or at least nothing unusual past the whole white rice types of issues, I dont really know where to start looking. I am needing a pretty massive skin removal, thighs, groin, belly especially, but wings and such too. Can you guys recommend who is the BEST absolutely for men's reconstructive skin surgery in Atlanta? I am part of the Emory program for my primary care, so Emory system is real nice, but wherever is great. Also any advice on how the steps are with this large of a quantity of skin removal? Thank you!

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