State Health Benefit Plan Bariatric Pilot Program

on 3/14/16 12:18 pm

Does anyone here have their health insurance through the State Health Benefit Plan?  The plan does not cover WLS, but they have a pilot program in place where they randomly select 75 applicants and cover surgery for them.  I found out last week that I was selected, and I'm wondering if anyone else is in the program.  Thanks!!

on 3/15/16 1:46 pm

Congratulations! I have BCBS through SHBP but didn't enter the lottery because they won't cover the Duodenal Switch or out of state surgeons. Resentfully, I'm going to self-pay $31,000 at Duke University for the surgery. Which procedure are you having and who is doing it?

on 4/1/16 6:30 pm

I "think" I've been chosen as well. I missed a call from bcbs on yesterday. They emailed saying it was urgent and they'll call back. Who is your provider?

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