Anyone use Peachtree Bariatrics - Atlanta?

on 6/19/16 7:31 am

Anyone have any feedback they can share about the practice and the doctors? I saw Dr. Urrego for a band to bypass revision. I have just started my 3 month diet visits, but have everything else done including Pysch eval. 

on 7/30/16 10:41 am

Hi Danimadd73 I'm with Dr. Duncan at Peachtree Bariatrics. They are great! His team seems very thorough and helpful. Where did you get your psych eval done?

Oh btw did you receive an email inviting you to join Dr. Duncan's weight loss reality show? I heard he is moving down to Southern Regional as well.


on 7/31/16 7:05 pm

Thanks for replying! They referred me to Dr. Santavicca's office for the psych eval. I saw one of the Doctors there. All I have left is my pulmonary function test and 2 more WLV with the Nut.  I am a Revision (from band to bypass)... So I am hoping insurance will approve. They cover it, just hope they will approve me! I did not get the email for the show, but would definitely watch. 


on 8/1/16 10:21 am

You are very welcome. I have an appt with Santavicca later this month. You are very brave! I'm still afraid to have the first wl surgery and you are going for number two. 

Can you tell me what happened with the band. Isn't that the one Christie has?


on 8/2/16 1:28 pm

It is a LapBand and I think that is what Christie has. I was banded 2009 and always struggled with it. I have had reflux, vomiting, port pain, and weight gain so it needs to come out. I am looking forward to getting it out and having the RNY! I have read and heard about a lot revisions and failure of the band. I was self pay so at the time the band was cheaper and less time off of work... But I needed and wanted the RNY from the beginning. I am almost done with everything required and will have to see if insurance approves. Fingers Crossed! :)

on 8/17/16 11:02 am

What Insurance do you have?


on 8/17/16 7:28 pm

Cigna, and they do cover surgery and revision for my plan. Just hope they approve mine when it all gets submitted! 

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