Hello Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on 9/8/16 2:31 pm

Hello all!

My name is Jamie Miles, I am a re-joiner of @ObesityHelp!!!!   I tried to change my old profile name (StockyBlueJM) and update my email address, but I couldn't figure it out, so I said SCREW IT, and created something new and fresh.

So who am I?   I am a Lap-Band patient.  I was banded in 2009 and lost about 110lbs and put about 40lbs in re-gain back!   I've had some scary medical issues recently (I thought it was band slippage...thankfully it is NOT) and I promised myself I was going to get back to my former svelt self and get back on track!   A renewed me and a new profile.   I used to LOVE coming to this blog and reading all of the posts.  I live in the Atlanta, Ga area and would love to expand my circle of Bariatric Buddies so if you are local, please do say hello!  

I'm a television, commercial and film actor (http://www.imdb.me/jamiemiles) and I credit my band to giving me the motivation and confidence to follow my dream.  I never followed it prior to my surgery.   I never knew I could do it because of my own self esteem.   (and to be fair, the Atlanta market had not grown to be what it is now several years ago.   Even though, I still wouldn't have gone after it because of my own self esteem.

I started a blog a few months ago called https://thebariatricactor.com/, so if you'd like to follow me there that is great as well!

Take Care all!   Looking forward to meeting new folks and making new friends, local or long distance!

Thank you! 

on 9/13/16 5:18 pm

Hello there JEMiles welcome back!