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on 5/21/19 8:13 am
Topic: RE: Self Pay Prices in GA...Share your experience

Hi there! I am currently going through the process with Dr Duncan for a conversion from sleeve to bypass. I too am self pay and will be outpatient. How did your surgery go? Did you enjoy Dr Duncan?

on 5/21/19 8:12 am
Topic: RE: Anyone use Dr. Titus Duncan in GA? Need reviews and help

Hi all!

I am starting my conversion from sleeve to gastric bypass with Dr. Duncan. I am self pay so i am trying to interview and see as many DR.s as possible. I originally had my sleeve with Dr Richards a of Gwinnett.

I went in looking for a revision but was told that a conversion to Bypass is the safest method.

What doctors in Georgia has everyone loved and used?? Has anyone had surgery with Dr Duncan

Since i am self pay- i will be outpatient they say. Anyone had outpation after gastric???