Considering Move to Des Moines

on 7/12/11 4:00 am
Sometime in 2012 I plan on packing my wife, newborn, and our pets, and moving to Des Moines, Iowa from Sioux Falls, SD (wife wants to be close to her sister).

Any suggestions on the best time to do this.  baby will be born around Thanksgiving 2011.

on 7/14/11 2:18 am - Cedar Rapids, IA
I would suggest anytime except the winter, you're from know it's nasty! I grew up in DM but live in Eastern Iowa now. DM is a great place, getting much more exciting these days. Beware of high property tax in West Des Moines and it's suburbs. Research school districts for the future unless you plan on moving again before the baby starts school . Congratulations on the baby!
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