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on 8/5/12 1:08 pm - Vinton, IA
So I have my appointment set up with Dr Glas**** on Sept 8, I am not sure what kinds of things I should asks. I am looking at having the lap band done and I will be private pay anyone else do private pay?
Kristin B.
on 9/23/12 5:26 am - West Des Moines, IA
VSG on 05/17/08 with
I did private pay- and claimed it on my taxes- was great

Ask how long the doc has been doing this surgery- where did he train? with whom?
Will he be doing the surgery himself?
Ask how many per day- very important- you don't want a tired surgeon

How many people on his surgical team? Their experience? I got the CV of the anethesiologist also- I think s/he is probably the most important person in the room

How many of his patients have had a complication? needed revision, band removed, infections at port, etc

Who pays for any complication since you are self pay? Does he guarentee his work? For how long?

What happen if you can't find your "sweet spot"? How many fills/unfills are covered? extras cost?

I know i missed your appointment date so I hope you got all your concerns addressed
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