Friday Roll Call

on 6/26/14 7:44 pm - Rock City, IL

Good EARLY Morning Illinois!

I don't know why, but I am up (got up at 3:30 am) and have been up for an hour.  I hope I can lay down and catch a couple more hours.

Yesterday turned into quite the day that I did NOT have planned.  I had class in the morning and Liv called at 10:30, hysterical that there was something wrong with her eye.  She had lots of pain, redness and swelling.  After my meeting, she called crying again and I raced home to take her to Urgent Care (at the ER in Monroe, WI).  Her visual acuity in that eye was very poor.  The ER doc could not find anything and suggested we see her eye doctor.  We called and they could get her in at Rockford.  Since I had a family session scheduled also at 5 with Todd, we raced back to Rockford.

I dropped her off while I went to the session.  The eye doctor diagnosed a pretty nasty infection and had a very different opinion on what medication was needed.  We got the prescription filled and got back home about 8:25 pm.  So, I had a 12 hour day with at least 3 of those hours driving.  I was exhausted.  I am very disappointed that I could not make it over to Connie and Kay's shop to help with the last minute things.

The session was interesting.  I am having lots of feelings lately and without alcohol to mask them, I have no choice but to FEEL them.  What a mess I am it seems.  I continue to try to "turn it over" each day in hopes of the serenity that I had while on the "pink cloud" of very early recovery.  Now the real work begins, so it seems.  My plan of attack is to do even more of the suggestions each and every day.

Riley is coming over this afternoon and we re going to make lotion bars for stock.  Maybe she will stay over tomorrow too and I will take her to a fireworks show in Cedarville.  We shall see.

I am thinking of all of you and sending good energy your way.

Everyone have a fantastic day (as I try for a couple hours of sleep).......


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on 6/26/14 10:28 pm - IL


Dawn, thank goodness Liv is o.k. That was scary for her and you too. You are doing fantastic. I am so glad that you and Todd were able to do a couples session. Maybe he will understand you a bit better. Does he realize that his actions were and are part of your problem?

I did get my house cleaned up yesterday, but that was all. I decided to head up to Fox Valley to do some shopping with Morgan. She needed new heels to go with a dress, so we went. Of course, I needed a few things too. I stopped at Hobby Lobby to get some more wired burlap for bows, and then to Garden Ridge (now AT HOME) for a table, chest or bench for my hall tree that we are putting together. (picture will be coming when it is finished). I di get a cabinet, that is the same color as the mirror I bought back in April.

So, today I will head to the store and the cleaners, then take Morgan for her hair and brows, and later today, will be taking her home.

Sharon, I hope you are feeling better.

Connie, enjoy your weekend, you and Kay need to to go to Madison.

Crystal, what are you doing this weekend?

Nancy, you and Rick have any  plans for this weekend?

Christine, how was your cruise?




crystal M.
on 6/26/14 11:17 pm - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

I am so glad it's Friday.  I do have a lot of running around to do today.  I have a long day tomorrow and I don't want to worry about it tomorrow.  So after work today I will be off to do my errands.  You know I was tempted to get a group of friends together and go to the Taste of Joliet today...but I said to my have too much to do just run your errands and go home.  Plus I will just end up eating crap there anyway.

There is a possibility my boss won't be in today....fingers crossed 

Lisa-  Tomorrow I have a picnic in Morris I am going to all day and Sunday I have a family get together.  It will be nice I haven't seen them since Christmas.

Dawn- I had an eye infection that cause my vision to go bad.  My glasses didn't even help.  I was using a magnifying glass at work!!!  From now on I have to go to eye doc for eye infections any how because it turns out I am allergic to many of the eye drop they prescribe.  So it makes things worse for me. 

Well time to get back to work...see ya later

Nancy G.
on 6/27/14 2:31 pm - La Salle, IL

Happy Friday Everyone! 

 Well my day started off as a disaster this morning. As i was leaving for work, I discovered Smokey sitting outside in the middle of my driveway!    After doing a double and triple look, I corralled him and threw him back inside, woke u***** to report a jail break and left for work, now running late.  It turns out that someone had pried the chicken wire off the wood about 2 feet and created a gap.  We think Smokey was the guilty party because when I threw him back inside, he headed back to the catio and got right back out again!    Only he and Claude made a jail break this time. The rest of them would good little angels.  I was relieved as I have not gotten a tag for Nibbles yet.  Rick repaired the break, hauled Smokey back in and Claude came home 2 hours later shortening his outside playtime by an hour.  He chased away a cat that has been hanging out so I guess he figured  his mission was complete.

Work was busy the last 2 days. 

No plans yet for the weekend.  Rick and I did go see Jersey Girls on Wednesday.  The movie was good and kept our attention all the way through. I learned a lot about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons  that I did not know.  Of course their songs were what I grew up with.  Now I want to see Melissa MCCartneys movie Tammy and the James Brown movie.  

Dawn, i am  so proud of you.  you are handling so much and facing it head on!  The issues are not easy to deal with but you are hanging in there!  That was a scary incident with Liv.  So glad she was able to get medication and I hope the infection clears up quickly.

Crystal, what is in Morris?  That is only a half hour from me?  Hope it is fun!  Enjoy your family on Sunday!

Sharon, You are in my prayers.  I hope G will support you more.  Your issues are something he needs to support you on.  We all face issues temptations and sometimes we overindulge or get into positions that are not the best place to be.  We need compassion and understanding from those we love.  And also support.  i pray that he will realize this and offer his support.

Everyone have a great weekend!


Lisa, it sounds like you and your granddaughter have been having lots of fun.  You will miss Morgan when she leaves.  How fun to go shopping and do so many things with her.  

Connie, I hope you are enjoying your weekend before your big opening.  

    Cat Lady

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