Happy Teal Tuesday Roll Call!

on 8/5/14 2:11 am - Rock City, IL

Good morning Illinois!

To show my support for Liv's new school, I am participating in "Teal Tuesday", which is when you wear your teal to show Coastal Carolina spirit.  I have 2 new shirts in teal.

I am heading to a meeting and Walgreen's soon, then home to make some lotion bars for Friday and then get ready for tomorrow.  Later, if I go to this evening's meeting, I might continue to help move that lady into her new home.  I can't believe how many said they would help and only 4 actually showed.  I was helping clean the old place last night until 9.  Not a fun activity, but it needs to be done and I hope that if the day ever comes that I need some help, there would be someone there.

Glad to see Jessica posting!  Everyone come out and play with us!  We are a very friendly and supportive bunch!


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crystal M.
on 8/5/14 2:49 am - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

I can not believe how busy I got yesterday.  I couldn't even catch my breath.  It just gets crazy here at work.  It's a good thing I am a fast worker....so that I can catch up. 

Today I am working and then after work I am getting my hair done.  That is all for me. 

I am have agreed to go camping at Devil's Head Lake in Wisconsin.  I mean real camping in a tent (not a camper).  This will be an adventure.  It will be this weekend and I will be cooking by camp fire and everything.  I will be hiking and fishing.  It sounds like it could be fun.  Hey...I am always up for trying thing once.  I might enjoy this camping thing....hahaha!!!

Anyway...I have to go camping shopping tomorrow.  That sounds like more fun....hahaha!!!!

Dawn- Liv will have the time of her life...trust me.  Amanda loved her college years so much.

Well gotta get back to work.  Hopefully my life will slow down a bit soon.  See ya.

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