Monday Roll Call

on 11/3/14 1:27 am - Rock City, IL

Good Morning Illinois!

I had a nice weekend at Stronghold Castle.  It is really a beautiful place.  The retreat was good too.  I met some new folks and heard some good things.

Today, a meeting with my financial advisor and completing another job application.  I will hear from the bank this week, but will be surprised if I get an offer.  The interviewer at one point said that she, "hopes you find something".  I don't think that she meant to say it out loud, but it does not sound promising if that is what she was thinking.  All is well though.  I will find employment when the time is right, doing what is right.

In the mean time, I have decided that my job for this week is to make a Facebook page for my products.  I do not know WHY I have been procrastinating, but this is the week.

I am appalled to say that I have gained so much weight.  I understand that drinking had much to do with it, but I have not had a drink for 8.5 months and have actually GAINED weight in that time.  Everyone tells me not to worry about it, but I do.  I just figured that 2000 plus less calories per day would make a difference. 

That's all for me today.  What's going on with the rest of y'all?


Tell someone that you love them!

on 11/3/14 6:58 am - IL

Hi, Dawn, I am so glad you had an enjoyable weekend. We all need to do stuff for ourselves.

Yesterday I vegged all day. And, I was eating way to much junk. I am trying to get back on track too.

I worked today, the same for tomorrow and Wed. No big plans for this wee****il Sat. We have a show to see on Saturday at the local theater, and then Sunday I am heading to Bloomington for a, "Stockings for Soldiers".

Tonight, I am paying bills and making dinner. That is it for me.




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