Tuesday Roll Call

on 1/5/16 9:31 am - Rock City, IL

Happy Teal Tuesday!

It is Teal Tuesday for Liv's school colors and it is a, "thing" at her school.  I have on my teal and the sweatshirt she gave me for Christmas from her school.

Things in this corner are about the same.  The new thing is that I went to a new chiropractor yesterday (long overdue) and according to his measurment, I lost another inch in height!  Bummer as that will up the BMI.  

I am trying to get back on track, but I am having the same issue as before surgery.......It seems that once I put solid food in my mouth, I just want to keep eating.  My pouch still works, and I can't eat much at a sitting, but once I eat, I crave to eat more all day.  I think it might be a carb issue, but I have been trying really hard not to allow carbs.  I'm guessing that I will need to buckle down and go back to the beginning.  Full liquid for a detox.  UGH!!!!! 

Once I do that and get my back straightened out, I should be able to exercise also and have 2016 be my year to get back to my post surgery body.

That's it for me!




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crystal M.
on 1/5/16 12:07 pm, edited 1/5/16 4:08 am - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

I am right there with you Dawn.  It is so hard to eat right when you are living with someone.  Meaning when I was single and living by myself it was easy to stay on the straight and narrow.  I would make meals a few times a week and eat leftovers.  The meals were pure protein(nothing the hubby would like).  Not to mention there were no snack foods in the house and I never ate out...except for Chipotle.  Ugh!!! 

I am having issues keeping the calories low and the carbs low. 

My plan has been, keep my calories very low during the day at work.  So very small breakfast and lunch...so I can indulge a little at dinner.  Right now, I am starving.  I want to eat.  I have eaten a yogurt for breakfast and two turkey and cheese rollups for lunch.  Total calories 275. That leaves me about 800 calories to play with for dinner.  

Dinner is sloppy joes (with turkey meat-minus the top bun) and a salad.  Now if I can stop with that I will have a perfect day.  But knowing me I will be hungry and want more after dinner!!!   

And believe it or not it is hard to exercise now that someone is home waiting for me.  Again it was easy when I lived alone...no one there...might as well go workout.  And he doesn't want to workout...so don't ask.  At least not like I want to.  He wants to play racketball.  I am hopeless at that game.  I get whacked with the ball more than I hit the ball.  I get no workout...I barely sweat.  He hates the gym....the treadmill, bike, elliptical, weight machines (that's what I like).  We are opposites when it comes to working out. 

Well back to work...enough complaining.    

on 1/6/16 9:41 am - Rock City, IL

Didn't sound like complaining.  Just telling it like it is.  It is hard to remember to treat ourselves well when we share our lives with someone.


Tell someone that you love them!

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