Happy Friday Roll Call!

on 1/22/16 7:46 am - Rock City, IL

Happy Friday, Illinois!

I wish you all a fantastic Friday and weekend!

After work, I have a chiropractor appointment then nothing planned for the weekend!  I am happy about that as it seems we have been busy lately and I have lots of housework to catch up on.  Next weekend is Todd's Christmas Party/Hotel weekend, so nothing will get done there.

I am a little concerned about Olivia tonight.  She is driving 5 hours to visit a friend and go to the Atlanta Aquarium tomorrow.  All sounds good except for the storm that is on the east coast.  That and the fact that southerners have no idea how to drive or behave in ice and snow.  I will just keep my fingers crossed and hope her good sense guides her.  She had never driven alone for any long distance, and this will be in the dark and weather.  Y'all keep her in your thoughts, please.

Besides that, not much happening in the northwest corner.

What's happening with you all?


Tell someone that you love them!

on 1/22/16 8:12 am - IL

Hi All,

Dawn, will keep Liv in my thoughts.

We have no plans at all for this weekend, except Hubert is working the whole weekend.

I will be heading to the store in a bit, and maybe meeting a friend for lunch. i have done laundry already and matched over 20 pairs of socks that were not together in my drawer. I was wondering why i couldn't find any pairs.

Have a great weekend, and I am so glad the snow is mixing us for a change.






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