Teal Tuesday Roll Call

on 2/16/16 8:32 am - Rock City, IL

Good morning Illinois!

I sometimes forget to check in here, but Lisa is right!  We need to stay in touch.

I am doing well, celebrating 2 years of sobriety and all the life changes and thought changes that come along with a different way of living.  I even got flowers from my oldest that made me cry.

Last night, Olivia called me to vent about her awful, no good, very bad day.  I am glad that she called me, I think she felt better by the time we were done talking and I feel honored that she called me.  She is very independent and doesn't share much of how she's feeling.  The fact that she opened up is good.  

Not only did she get, "C's" on two tests, but she was told by her supervisor that they would not re-hire her for her RA position, at least for the Fall term.  The supervisor told Liv that she wasn't being fired, and encouraged her to apply mid-year and that the supervisor would give her a "great recommendation".  This does not make sense to Liv (or I).  Not only does she feel that she does a decent job at being an RA, but the position pays for her housing and meal plan to the tune of almost $9,000.00/year.  If she does not have an RA position, she will need to find housing and most leases are signed in November for the next Fall.  Plus, we will have to find that money somewhere.  I encouraged her to contact the Housing Supervisor and see if she can appeal.  Her and her immediate supervisor have never really, "clicked", so maybe there is something to be done.  If not, we will have to look at other options.  I'm still happy that she is opening up a bit more.

Crystal----would you share the chili recipe?  It sounds good!

I am going to pick up my 2 year coin tonight, then I need to work on our taxes and other computer work for the Village.

Oh, and I found out today (by Googling myself to show my boss something) that I am a, "featured artist" at the company where I get my Tie Dye supplies.  I had submitted the pictures and bio a few years ago and they told me that they could not feature everyone that sent stuff and that is the last I heard.  I had NO IDEA!  So, another bright spot for today!

That's about it for the northwest corner!



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crystal M.
on 2/16/16 10:16 am - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

I had my blood work done and it seems I need to work on my cholesterol levels.  But interestingly my D is super low.  He called had a RX called in for it.  I will have to Google what low D levels cause.  I don't think I have been having any weird symptoms. 

Anyway...I need to cut back on the chicken wings...lol

Dawn- Congrats on your 2 year!!!  Huge accomplishment.  I'm sorry about Liv.  I know Amanda always said those things at her school were based more popularity than who is best for the job.  So who ever the boss likes most.  Unfortunately that's how so much is done nowadays.

Well I better go...have a good day all. 

on 2/16/16 1:45 pm - Bradenton, FL

I saw Dr Linn today and they r scheduling a scope soon. I hope they put it in before the end of the month. I would like to fly home around the 2nd of March. 

He said he was three weeks out but they would do something.

If it is three weeks out maybe I'll fly home and get my car and drive back. I'll see.

We went to the Kohls children's museum and Miss Vinnie was the boss there!!!I'm watching the snow fly!!!



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