TGIF itis Feidays Roll Call

on 4/1/16 4:49 am - IL

No tricks, it is April 1. Winter is officially over, but we still can get some nasty (read snow and ice) weather. Our grass is greening up, and a few brave flowers are trying to show their pretty faces. Hopefully this weekend I can start cleaning up the garden.

No plans for us this weekend. I am just going to try and do some purging in my closet and also the pantry. Plus a few other things.

What has everyone been up to?




crystal M.
on 4/1/16 8:09 pm - Joliet, IL

Hello everyone

I have been so busy at work now.  That really mean ex boss of mine is finally leaving!!!  She gave her 2 week notice.  Well they gave me some of her duties and I have been training.  I haven't heard anything about a raise, although I am taking on more work and the work is at a higher level than I am currently at.  I told Greg that if I don't automatically get a raise when she leaves I am going to wait a few months after I prove myself and tell my boss I think I deserve a raise.  We shall see how that goes.

I am still battling with my contacts.  I am not going to daily wear.  Meaning I wear them one day and throw them out.  It was explained to me that people that have low tolerance to the monthly and weekly usually do well with the daily.  Because they are much thinner.  I am really hoping!!!

I got home today and scrubbed my bathrooms from floor to ceiling.  I get on the floor and hand scrub the floor and baseboards.  I wanted to get that over with.  One less thing to do this weekend. 

Tomorrow we are up early to workout.  Then later we are going to Goodwill, then out to eat and to the movies.  A full day for us. 

I can't wait till warms up a bit more so I can get out and start fixing up the yard.  I have some plans for the garden. 

Well goodnight to all. 

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