Sunday Roll Call

on 5/1/16 5:06 am - IL

It looks like another gray, cool, rainy day. I hope this weather system gets tired of hanging around and leaves.

No real plans for today, I may just get into the back room and try to sort it out. I know I am going to bake a chicken for dinner. Hubert is at wor****il 2.

The birds are busy building a next over the light on our front porch. I think Hubert is finally accepting that they have decided that they will build it there. This is the 3rd summer in a role that they have done it.

Have a great Sunday,





on 5/1/16 6:03 am - Brighton, IL

Good morning Lisa! Here in the Alton area we finally have some sun at least right now. Getting ready to head to church in a few to get coffee ready for our coffee hour and run through music for church. I am the pianist so Sunday is probably my busiest day! We have a mama bird who has built a nest on the ledge outside our bathroom window the last two years. Last year she had three babies and this year two. I love keeping an eye on them to see how they are growing! It's the science geek coming out in me,I guess! Hope you get some sun up your way and have a great day today! I plan on enjoying a nice long walk with my pup Lily today for exercise and to enjoy this nice day. Hope you enjoy yourself too!



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